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The Birdman Rally is full of splashes, spills and thrills as everyday Melburnian’s dress to impress and fl ap to fl y – or fall, all in the name of charity. In an exciting new initiative, DKD has collaborated with Frankston High School (FHS) to compete in this year’s Moomba Birdman Rally with the creation of their flying machine “Super Dog!”.

It’s definitely a team effort with lots of students getting involved with everything from the design, the build, to piloting. Giving to charity from an early age instils the valuable traits of empathy, integrity and social responsibility so DKD is thrilled to be working with FHS students. Special thanks to FHS’s Georgina Long who has been incredibly committed to helping the students with this project. DKD is thrilled to announce generous sponsorship to support our Super Dog! team from global agency, AKQA.

AKQA is an ideas and innovation company specialising in digital services and products. Through the imaginative application of art and science, AKQA exists to create a better future with their clients ( In 2017 a close relative of AKQA’s APAC Managing Partner Brian Vella was diagnosed with a Severe Autism Spectrum Disorder, with no verbal communication or functional language development. Through the child’s diagnosis, Brian and his family became aware of DKD.

The family worked together to raise the money required for an assistance dog and have now been matched. Brian has also joined the board for DKD and has taken a vested interest in the success of the charity including this sponsorship. The team at AKQA is currently designing t-shirts for the kids and crew members to wear at Moomba…keep an eye out for them during the live broadcast. We’re very excited to see the Super Dog! unveiled on March 10 as part of this iconic event. May it fly high and far!

Visit au/page/DKD to donate.

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