It doesn’t seem that long ago that these four were puppies living with their puppy raising families. We blinked and here they are graduating as Therapy dogs and perfectly matched with their own special human.
Here’s a little about each graduate:
Dolly – dogs like Dolly change lives and there’s many people behind the scenes who all play a part in preparing a dog for this role. We’d like to thank Dolly’s sponsors – Zoetis and Pawclub; your continued support keeps our dogs in the best health and helps us change a lot of lives. Another integral part of our program is our volunteers- congratulations to Shantelle & her family on raising this gentle but fun loving sweetheart. We all wish Dolly the best of luck in her new home, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her and her boy. Lots of beach outings and plenty of hugs if the past few weeks are anything to go by!
Kimba – Kimba is such an amazing dog and has melted the hearts of everyone who has ever met her. Her journey hasn’t been straightforward or easy, but she’s been incredibly patient and resilient – she knew exactly where she needed to be and was determined to get there! Kimba will be life-changing for Jaxon and his family, and very loved. Big thanks to all of our amazing volunteers who helped raise her, and thank you to Frankston Heights Veterinary Centre for taking such good care of her.
Kipper – Kipper is the suggliest, cuddliest dog ever, and has definitely stolen more than a few hearts!
One of the key parts of our program is the matching process, making sure we find the best dog for each family. For some families on the wait list like Kipper’s new family, this can mean having a lot of patience and trust. It’s so worth it in the end to see how happy a dog can be with the people they chose, and how much joy and peace a dog can bring to their families – especially in uncertain times like these. A huge thank you to Kipper’s raisers and all the volunteers who have looked after and loved this gorgeous boy.
Jersey – Jersey is such a loving and gentle dog, we know she’ll be an awesome best friend and make a big difference for her family. A big thank you to her puppy raisers and B&B carers who put so much time and love into helping her reach her potential.

Thanks to #DoggyHampers for donating a Graduate Gift Bag to every one of our graduate Assistance and Therapy dogs. What a lovely way to celebrate the start of a new family living life together!

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