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On March 19 Prime Minister Scott Morrison told Australians the Coronavirus measures were expected to stay in place for six months and the ripple effect was felt across the country.
For charities such as ours, this meant a calendar of fundraising events that had been planned were cancelled and dog training was restricted to protect the health and well-being of our volunteers, staff, clients and broader community. Of course we understood the necessity for this but without donations and fundraising, Dogs for Kids has been forced to adjust the way we run day to day.
Dogs for Kids literally depends upon your kindness and generosity to keep doing what we do and has set up a fundraising page asking for support during these most unusual times. We know it’s a challenging time for everyone and receive with gratitude anything you are able to gift. Click here to donate.

While in lockdown, we set our puppy raisers some different challenges…from pirate hats to Easter dress ups to dead dog challenge to kibble names. The challenges were set as a bit of fun but there was always a skill set associated with them for our puppies to learn.

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