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For the second year in a row, Frankston High School’s community, students and teachers, joined forces to support Dogs for Kids by entering yet another aerodynamic and unique creation in Moomba’s big drawcard event, the Birdman Rally.
Working for months behind the scenes designing and building the craft (aptly named The Mystery Machine known to many Scooby Doo devotees), doing fundraising events and planning how to glide across the Yarra’s murky water, our intrepid crew manned up once again to be a part of this iconic event. Special thanks to Southern Peninsula Storage and Removals for sponsoring the tshirts for the day (they were groovy).
Community partnerships like this one we have with Frankston High are so incredibly rewarding, not just for the money they raise, but for the opportunity they present for us to talk about the purpose of Assistance and Therapy dogs, to help build awareness around the challenges some families face every day, and to help break down barriers. We are incredibly humbled by the enthusiasm shown by the staff and students alike in embracing this opportunity and running with it.
Working together we can achieve some quite amazing things. Special thanks to pilot Guy for agreeing to get wet for a good cause yet again 🙂

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