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During IADW (August 2-8), we recognised and honoured the hardworking Assistance dogs; raised awareness and educated the public about how these specially trained animals are helping so many people in our communities; honoured the puppy raisers and foster families; and recognised heroic deeds performed by Assistance dogs in our communities.

Here is just one story…

“A little about Phoenix. He is quite typical in many ways of those with severe Autism. He has no sense of danger, no safety awareness, has high anxiety, has meltdowns that are often violent, makes a lot of vocal noise, is non-verbal and is incredibly strong for a boy his age.

This is where Jimmy has come in to play. Jimmy is a Labrador who has been trained to be an Autism Assistance Dog. What does Jimmy do? He helps with Phoenix’s anxiety, his meltdowns and helps Phoenix be able to access the community safely and without the use of his wheelchair which was used for many years to keep Phoenix safe and make him feel safe and secure.

Jimmy has made such a huge impact in Phoenix’s and our lives and we can’t wait to see where this journey leads us.” Phoenix’s Mum

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