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Nala graduating to a therapy dog

“There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends that become family.”
And that’s how it all starts at Dogs for Kids… We’re pleased to announce ‘Nala’ has graduated from our therapy dog training program.

Every so often a special connection comes along; when the stars align at the right time and you can hear and see the magic when the dog meets a family.
This is one of those. Nala is matched for pure love.

A big thank you to her puppy raisers, B&B guardians and all the volunteers who cared for her along the way. And a special mention of thanks to the team at AKQA who generously sponsored this girl. Together the Dogs for Kids family (volunteers, sponsors, donors and you, our supporters) have banded together to give love, laughter, friendship and hope to someone who needed it. Together we’ve truly changed a life. There’s plenty more families that need our help so please keep sharing our story, or donate if you can.

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