We’re super pumped and excited to announce Hill’s Pet Nutrition in paw-tnership with Pet Circle are our newest official supporters. That’s got to be ‘paws for applause’ don’t you think!

This new paw-tnership will be helping to feed our puppies, pups-in-training, as well as our current and future graduate dogs placed with their fur-ever families in the community.

As part of this amazing paw-tnership, we are proud to introduce their sponsor puppy, Leala.

Leala was given her name after the marketing/management teams at Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Pet Circle were given the task of narrowing it down to three possibilities, then staff were asked to vote for the winner and Leala was chosen for a number of reasons.

In French, Leala means loyal; in English it means faithful. And let’s not forget the Futurama cartoon character Leela; known for her extreme sensitivity, no-nonsense personality, work first/fun later work ethic, and her love of endangered animals. The staff felt the name Leala befit a strong, successful, independent personality; perfect traits for an Assistance or Therapy dog.

Dogs for Kids Chair Tracey Harris said the support from Hill’s Pet Nutrition in partnership with Pet Circle was one of the highlights of what has been a challenging year.

“Having Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Pet Circle recognise the value in the work we do to the extent of creating this amazing partnership has been such a positive outcome for us,” she said. “To know our puppies and dogs, now and in the future, will have highest quality, biology-based nutrition is an aspiration fulfilled. We are so incredibly grateful for this opportunity to create such a valued relationship that will help offset one of our major expenses while supporting an integral part of our program.”

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