As a small charity, Dogs for Kids is thrilled beyond words when one of our puppies gets sponsored by a business or individual…imagine our sheer and utter delight when Plan B Group chose us as one of their preferred charities and sponsored the entire W litter (W is for wonderful and Wow).

That’s right…six gorgeous puppies have now been sponsored (and named) by the Plan B Group team and we are so excited to introduce Maverick (or Mav for short), Gus, Finn, Polly, Pippa and Scout.

According to Plan B Group Managing Director Pete Brenchley, part of their business strategy is the allocation of time and money to support a range of worthy causes that their staff can identify and connect with.

“A few years ago, we decided rather than spread ourselves thinly across too many projects, we would focus our efforts on a handful of charitable causes that held special meaning for the Plan B Group so we could have a more measurable and lasting impact,” Pete explained. “I’m so proud of the Plan B staff for their commitment to each and every cause. The staff continue to inspire me, and the support shown to date for Dogs for Kids has been outstanding. So much so, my wife Shae has joined the Dogs for Kids Board!’

Now that’s what we call commitment (and Dogs for Kids Board is very excited to have Shae share her marketing expertise and passion).

In a world where big business is all too often only focused on their bottom line, it is wonderful to see philanthropy playing such a major part in Plan B Group’s company culture and strategic planning – something more businesses could easily adopt.

“The energy that is generated around our charity events is electric, the drive to get results and to muck-in and have fun together – of which Plan B are renowned for – is contagious”, Pete said. “It is fantastic for staff morale and we encourage all our contacts to also donate to Dogs for Kids or contact us for more information on how you can get involved. The benefits far outweigh the cost.”

We are beyond thrilled to have the Plan B Group joining the Dogs for Kids family and look forward to a wonderful working partnership…and we think some of the team from Plan B Group look pretty happy about it too…did someone say puppy cuddles??

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