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At Dogs For Kids we see life from lots of different points of view, it’s really important that we understand what our dogs and kids need. We want you to get a dogs eye view and imagine how our dogs see the world.

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Black Dog in a field Black dog on a grass lawn

Meet Jersey

Rumour has it, Jersey is part cat. On top of being sweet and loyal, she’s a delightfully curious girl. She insists on keeping her humans very close, and evenings are all about quality snuggle time.

Her most cherished toys are a lot like her; big, soft and cuddly, and she adores relaxing with them in a sunny spot on a chilly winter’s day. She’s been known to sit there for hours and hours.

Jersey can’t decide on her favourite thing to do. It’s so hard to choose between walks/sniffs and going to the beach.

Meet Kipper

Kipper can be described with three Gs; gorgeous, gregarious and gentle. With a dazzling personality like Kipper’s, it’s no surprise he enchants everyone he meets. Even after they discover he likes rolling in horse poo and his favourite toy is a de-stuffed rat. But don’t tell him we told you that.

A believer in the transformative power of Pilates, Kipper is a regular class-goer. He’s getting so good he can tell when everyone needs a sweet cuddle session more than a reformer session and is always happy to instruct.

Kipper adores trips to the supermarket because he simply cannot believe there could possibly be so much food in one place. He must keep checking he wasn’t just dreaming last time.

Black puppy in a hallway Black Puppy in a hallway
Black puppy in a hallway Black Puppy in a purple collar

Meet Maple

Don’t be fooled by Maple’s quiet appearance, she has a cheeky streak a mile long. Although she’s quite partial to her self-care routine of sun-baking solo in the garden, she adores company. Especially hanging with her all-time BFFs Blackie and Daisy.

Maple loves all people, but admittedly, food reigns superior. She’s committed to clean eating though and is particularly fond of carrots and apples. For Maple, fresh is always best, and she’s taken it upon herself to learn how to pick her own apples straight from the tree.

In true kid form, Maple is notorious for leaving her toys around the house. She thinks her messiness is a sign of genius. Luckily for Maple, her humans think so too.

Meet Murphy

Never in the history of canine-kind has there been a pup as happy as Murphy. He gets asked all the time what his secret is. He just flips his floppy ears and says he was born with it.

It doesn’t matter if you have two legs or four, Murphy values inclusivity above all else and thrives on company. That’s not to say he’s opposed to alone time — he finds chewing a bone in the sunshine to be quite therapeutic.

Murphy isn’t one to boast, but he is one of the world’s pre-eminent tug-of-war experts. His technique has been studied as far as Castlemaine and involves a previously unknown combination of bouncing, strength and cuteness.

Yellow puppy in a box Yellow puppy in a box
Yellow puppy in a field Yellow puppy on a grass field

Meet Piper

If cuddles were a business Piper would be CCO (Chief Cuddle Officer). She will go to great lengths for cuddles and isn’t too proud to jump up on side tables or her crate to make her desires known.

Piper is also a resourceful gardener and landscaper. You can often find her tending to the veggie patch or upcycling shoes, balls and all kinds of backyard finds into artful garden features.

More early bird than night owl, Piper is a lovely, cuddly, licksy alarm clock. She believes in making the most of every day, right from the beginning. And just don’t get her started on how much she adores the school drop off and pick up, you’ll never hear the end of it!

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