We train Assistance and Therapy dogs, find out which is right for your family

Assistance Dogs

Assistance dogs are specially trained for children living with a disability. They can accompany the child anywhere they go, both at home and in public.

While trained to directly assist the child, assistance dogs also provide great support to the whole family. With their dog by their child’s side, a family can more easily enter the community and complete day-to-day tasks that previously were hard, and in some cases, impossible to do.

Families contribute to the cost of training, often through fundraising initiatives. Companies and individuals can also contribute. There is a waiting list for Assistance dogs, and not all children are eligible for this program. Depending on the child’s needs, some families may instead qualify for our Therapy dog program.

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The dogs help a child become calm and well-adjusted to all regular aspects of life


Walk tethered to a child, and lie down to ‘anchor’ (lie down instead of pull back)


Recognise a child’s behaviour and calm them with physical contact during a potential meltdown


Build confidence in a child that helps to break down their social barriers

Our Assistance and Therapy dogs help children to sleep better, build confidence and independence, and reduce their anxiety.

Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs provide comfort and companionship to a child within the home environment. They help improve the lives of children who face a range of challenges.

Our Therapy dogs are the perfect addition for families seeking a loving canine companion for the home.

It takes months to train each Therapy dog. Families contribute to the cost of training, often through fundraising initiatives.

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The dogs provide unconditional affection and companionship


Build a child’s confidence and social skills, which can help them make new friends


Give lap rests as ‘hugs’ that lower anxiety and increase a sense of calm
You can help cover the costs of training our dogs