Are you a family with a child who could benefit from a Therapy dog?

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Fill in an application form

We ask everyone to fill in the same form which is reviewed by one of our expert team.

Home visit

A Dogs for Kids team member will meet with your family to discuss how we're best able to meet your needs


The matching process is integral to a successful placement and can begin once a dog achieves a certain level of advanced training.


Clients and dogs are matched on their individual and mutual needs to ensure the match is optimal for both the child and the dog.

Training together

The dog’s training program continues, culminating with training directly with the child in the home.

Apply for a Therapy dog

We ask everyone to fill out this form so we can learn more about your specific need. Please give us as much information as you can and we’ll be in touch.

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Tell us about yourself and your child

Your full name

Your child's name

Child's age

Describe your child's personality (include hobbies, activities etc...)

List any mobility aids your child uses

Describe your child's disability and limitations

List any therapy participated in by your child

You and the dogs

Please explain, in your own words, your expectations of a Therapy dog. How do you think it will help your child?

Has your child had any regular contact or experience with dogs?

Has your child expressed an interest in living with a dog?

Please describe your child's general reaction to dogs. Have they ever had a positive or negative experience?

List the qualities you would look for in a dog (and those you wouldn’t like)

List the places you would like the dog to accompany your child

Describe any preference you have of the dog? (colour, breed, sex)

Are you able to spend at least 4 hrs a day and nights with the dog?

Please describe the amount and type of daily exercise you would be able to provide for the dog

Who will be responsible for the feeding, grooming and ongoing training of the dog?

Are you prepared to make lifestyle changes to accommodate the dog?

Living Situation

Home type

Do you have written authority to accommodate a dog at your property?

Can you provide a safe sleeping area for the dog?

Would the dog be allowed in the house?

Have you ever owned a dog

Who shares the accommodation with you? (include age and relationship to child for all)

What other pets, if any, reside within the accommodation?

Have all pets been vaccinated?

Have all pets been desexed?

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