what is Dogs For Kids?

Dogs for Kids is based in Melbourne,Victoria. We raise and train Assistance and Therapy dogs for children whose everyday activities are restricted by physical, intellectual, sensory, social and emotional challenges.

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how does Dogs For Kids help?

We provide Assistance dogs and Therapy dogs for children. By empowering children and their families, together we work to promote inclusion and break down social barriers, to realise children’s potential, and to foster well being, love and friendship.

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How can I apply?

Complete an application form and a Dogs for Kids team member will contact you to discuss your needs.

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What is the difference between an Assistance dog and a Therapy dog?

Assistance dogs are specially trained for children living with a disability. They can accompany the child anywhere they go, both at home and in public.

Therapy dogs provide comfort and companionship to a child within the home environment. They help improve the lives of children who face a range of challenges.

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How can I help?

We rely heavily on the generosity of donations and the kindness of volunteers.

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What does my donation go towards?

Every donation helps Dogs for Kids raise and train more Assistance and Therapy dogs and contributes to the cost of food, veterinary care, training and equipment.

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Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. Dogs for Kids is a public benevolent institution endorsed as a deductible gift recipient since July 2012. Keep a copy of your receipt to give to your accountant at tax time.

How do I stop my recurring donation?

To stop your recurring donation please email Marketing@DogsforKids.org.au